What is The Burst?

The Burst is a rather unique spin the bottle between Portland’s top Illustrators and Motion Designers. We’re giving teams an entire week to collaborate and show Portland what they are made of. Each randomly paired up team (1 Illustrator and 1 Motion Designer) has exactly 1 week to put their heads together to design and animate a 15-30 second masterpiece.

We’ll give them the theme, and then cut them loose. After a week we get together and throw a big party in their honor, have some drinks, and show everybody their creations.

There will, of course, be prizes. 1st: Adobe CC 1 Year / 2nd: Wacom Intuos Pro Small / 3rd: Red Giant Magic Bullet 2.5

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The Burst Teams

Presenting the The Teams for The Burst 2014.

Team 01 / Carlos Maya + Jenny Tiffany
Team 02 / Nick Monroe + Jason Sturgill
Team 03 / Jamie Peterson + Mike Harris
Team 04 / Emily Deckovich + Amy Ruppel / 2nd Place
Team 05 / Jed Bursiek + Paul Anders / 3rd Place
Team 06 / Ryan Rothermel + Madeline Decotes
Team 07 / Darin Fabrick + Matt Linares
Team 08 / Prescott Harvey + Robert Perez
Team 09 / Ben Luce + James Fenner / 1st Place
Team 10 / Mike Kurz + Robert Lewis
Honorary Team 11 / Jamal Qutub + Gary Baseman


The sold out party and screening was held on the evening of Thursday, April 24th, from 6:30 - 9PM at 52LTD.
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